03 juli, 2013

Fashion favourites!

Hello my gottalovetoday-peeps out there!
 (Kind of trying to come up with a good name, but failing here),
It's been quite a while, and I have to apologize for this kind of nonsense! First of all, I'm quite busy with my job and still figuring out what I want to study (my mind is still hesitating between journalism and communication), secondly I kind of was very uninspired and didn't knew what kind of blog my next one had to be. I have like so many ideas floating around in my tiny head, but I find it hard to actually make an idea into reality. So I kind of came up with showing you my new favorite fashionitems which I bought in the last month(s).  As well as my favorite music of the last month. I promise you, I will make up for the fact it took me so long, in my next blog. So here we go!

  So I went to my old internship called Rinsma Fashion Plaza in a city called Gorredijk. It's a very big shop with different fashionstyles. It's a very beautiful shop, and I actually love it there. Sadly they don't have a man or child section yet, but I'm sure every other girl always succeeds with shopping there. They have accessoires, and even shoes! Anyhow, I bought two pieces over there. The first one was this very colorful rainbow sweater, which makes me already happy while seeing it. It's knitted, a little bit more different than the usual sweaters, and that's why I like it so much. It's from the brand Vila, and I actually didn't expect that,  to be honest. Anyhow, I am completely in love with it! 

The second piece is also from Vila. And as you might maybe know, I'm in love with collars. So when my mom found this, I was sold. I love the beads on it, the combination with these 2 bright colors makes it so classic. I wear it with a black top under it, but you can also try a top who has the same color as the blouse.

   My third favourite fashion item of this month is thé Beyoncé dress as me and my sister like to call it. You maybe noticed this dress from the Beyoncé commercial for H&M, the back of this dress is very cool. The thing I like about this one, is the print on the dress. It reminds me of my trip to Canada, and these colors are very lovely to wear in the summer. It has a kind of bohemian style in its way, and I decided to buy this necklace as well with it. It really makes the dress a little bit more than casual.

    Ofcourse it was time for a new bikini, because my old one was already 3-4 years old. Say what? I didn't knew I was able to have items that long, looks like I can! This bikini is from the SIX, and I must say I wasnt gonna buy this one exactly. I bought a other one with a graphic design on it, with a neon color. But the top sucked, so I got this one instead. It has the same color as my last one, so I can still do a combination with the old one. Because it's still good. 
 The color really looks good when you have a tan, by the way. Bright colors make you more pale, when you are already pale by yourself. 

 And my last one, probably my FAVOURITE one because I was looking for it so long. I have size 42 (european size), which sucks. The shoes I want are never in that size. Looked over and over again for platform shoes, in particular platform sneakers. Failed so many times, but I finally decided to buy these ones from Vagabond. (Remember, lady&thevagabond movie? My dad didn't, so shame on you if you as well don't remember it!) They were very cheap, I bought them from Zalando. Which is an european shop. 
A lot of people don't like these shoes, because of the platform. But I say, lets bring back the Spice Girls shoes and lets all B as Melanie! (See what I did there? ;] )

Now it's time for the MUSIC! :) So here is my top 5 of favourite albums/songs of the last month!
1. She and Him - Volume 3. This has been non-stop playing on Spotify this last month, and it's still playing. Summer, fifties and love vibes. Loved Zoey Deschanel in New girl, and discovered through the tvseries her music. I already have Volume 2, but I have to buy this one as well. It's perfect for summer! 
2.  Tim McGraw f.t Taylor Swift and Keith Urban - Highway don't care. I was a little bit scared to put this on my blog, but it's a fact that I'm in love with this song. Guilty pleasure for sho! But I love to blast this song through my house and sing the Tswizzle (My nickname for Taylor Swift) part. 
3.  One Direction - C'mon C'mon. Yes, loving these boys since the beginning. I'm not one of those girls who are sadly too scared to admit that they are loving these sexy dudes. This song is very good for a singalong with your friends, and dance like we don't care!
4. Taylor Swift - 22. No, I'm 21. But this song makes me wanna be 22, it has the catchy tune, the summer vibe again and ofcourse Taylor Swift her voice. Lets be silly all together! 
5. OneRepublic - Native. I'm in love with this band for a couple of years, and I think they need so more recognition. They are really more than just a Timbaland single they did so many years ago.This album is different than their usual style, and they really improved themselfes. They prooved themselfes they have so much more than just some guitars and Ryan Tedder his succes. 

So we are there again, the end of my fourth blogpost already! Time flies when you are having fun! Before I forget, I really have to thank you for reading my last blog! It got quite a lot of views (not bragging here, just wanted to thank you!) and it was a little bit insane! So thanks!
Next blog will include a photoshoot, (what?) yes! Look out for that one!
I'm wishing you already a really nice holiday season, and I see you the next time! :)
Much love, B.