29 oktober, 2013

Something different than the usual.

This time my blogpost is in English again, but I have some sad news for my international readers. I will write more blogposts in dutch. The reason behind this decision is because I started my study Journalism, and I want to improve my dutch grammar. But still there will be English blogposts, so no sad tears!
  The other thing I want you to know is that I'm trying something new with my blog. I want to create more content for you to read.  So I want to try to make a blogpost every 4 weeks. On top of that I want to share you some of my inspirations, in music but as well in photography/quotes/art. Let's call it: Gotta Love Inspirations. I will make this a monthly thing.  So here we go!

Gotta Love Inspirations


I'm The Struts - Could have been me

They have influences from Led Zeppelin, Queen, Leonard Cohe and AC/DC. I once saw them live in London, and I must say I'm a fan every since. If you wanna listen to this song, be sure to close the windows for your neighboors. 

London Grammar - Strong

I only saw the last 4 seconds of this clip, and I wrote down the name of this band. Because the last notes were so beautiful. And now I'm completely in love with this band. 

Gabrielle Aplin - Home

I went to John Mayer his concert last tuesday (it was freaking amazing), and Gabrielle Aplin was the supportact. I didn't knew this, and I was totally blown away by her songs. She played such a good show live.

Within this subject, I'm gonna put a moodboard together of my favorite images I blogged on my Tumblr the last month(gottalovetoday.tumblr.com).  So here's the one from last month:

I really like this style of clothing, it's different than the usual. And that's what I want to accomplish with my fashionstyle as well. Which is sometimes hard to do.

So it's not a really big blogpost, but I just wanted to give you something instead of nothing. Anyhow, don't expect only small blogposts because the big ones will still appear. I can already give you a teaser about where my next blogpost will be about. It will be about my new fashionitems! Anyhow I hope you like this blogpost, let me know in the comments. And I will see you next time! ;)
Much love, B.