15 april, 2014

Gotta love inspirations part 4

Gotta love inspirations part 4

Yes! We reached part 4 already from the Gotta Love Inspirations series! For the new readers on my blog, I show you my inspirations from these past weeks. Music, art, books whatever it will be! The last one was in January, so it's time to do a new one ;) Uhum.

So I've mentioned them before in my blog, but this band called "The Struts" is seriously my favorite band at the moment. They just released their new single "Kiss this" and I'm loving this tune. If you love Freddie Mercury, you are on the right adress with this band. Luke Spiller (the lead singer) is not afraid to show you his hot dance moves and he has a very raw voice. See for yourself!

The Struts - Kiss this

The Struts - Put your money on me

The second band I'm digging at the moment is Jett Rebel. He's dutch and he used to be in this band called Valerius. Now he has made his own album. Some people call him the new "Prince", but the only thing I know is: this dude gives me sexy vibes. Open up your ears and let it get to you! He released 2 EP's called Venus and Mars. My favorite songs are "Sugar", "Should've told you", "Romance" and "Do you love me at all". 

Jett Rebel - Do you love me at all

The third man (yes, I just noticed they are all men) is Josef Salvat. This week I listened to his music again, after I didn't listen to him after 2 months. His music is quite original. His album is hopefully coming out in the future. You can listen his other songs as well: "Hustler" and "This life". Esspecially the live version of "Hustler" is very beautiful.

Josef Salvat - Every night

Shop till you drop!
As you might knew, I challenged myself to not buy any clothes for 3 months. And I must say I've passed the challenge! :) It was quite hard and keep an eye open for a new blogpost about how it feels to shop again! But I wanna share you my top 3 favourite shop websites online!

1. Asos.com
This website is seriously the best, why? Because it's a shop from the UK and it ships free worldwide! I think every shop website should do this, because they will get so much more customers including me. The other reason why I love this one so much is because they have so many different styles and products.
2. Nelly.com
It's a dutch website and I'm loving this one for not such a long time now. I just ordered my first product. They also have also very many different styles and that's quite important for me. At the moment they have 50% discount, so check it out!
3. Topshop.com
I never ordered anything on here, but these clothes are so amazing. You should totally take a look for some inspiration. Esspecially if you are from Holland, you are warned! This shop is not in the Netherlands (yet), so get inspired!


I've made this moodboard from all the pictures I blogged on my Tumblr Blog (gottalovetoday.tumblr.com). I decided to go for a totally different direction than the usual ones I create. It has the travel vibe in it and I wanted to create a moodboard inspired by the modern times. 

That's the end of Gotta Love Inspirations Part 4! I have some bad news for you, because it's the last one for now! I've decided to focuss on other blogprojects now, which means I have to skip some features. If you loved these past Gotta Love Inspirations and you don't want them to dissapear, let me know in the comments because eventhough they dissapear they might come back in the future :)

On a last note: you can find me on Pinterest, I know this website has been there for such a long time but I just discovered it. My link is: http://www.pinterest.com/biancaaalberts/
Feel free to follow me on there! I'm in love with all these images, they are so beautiful. And it's so easy to pin images and find them easily back again.

Okay, that's it for now! See you next time ;)

xoxo, B